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    What We Do

    Our firm provides services that are outstanding because of our dedication to your needs. We offer personal service and expertise; if that is what you are seeking you have come to the right place!
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    Who We Serve

    We serve business owners, independent professionals, individuals and executives that are seeking tax services and financial guidance or advice. Our team is experienced, knowledgeable and we provide superior client service and satisfaction.
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    Quality is Key

    Our firm is known for the quality of its services offered to all clients. We strive to offer the best services in a timely fashion to every client whether you are a large corporation, small business or individual.
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    Personalized Service

    Our staff works personally with each client to provide individualized solutions to their tax and accounting needs. So don't be surprised if you hear from us during the year regarding a tax law change that might impact you or just because we're checking in to see how you are doing with your business or financial goals.


Our business is built on the fact that the client always comes first, our goal is to exceed your expectations. The difference at MDP is how we respond to our clients. We take the time to understand our clients’ goals, dreams and challenges. By listening to our clients and learning about their situations we can help them achieve their dreams and goals. All clients should feel informed, understood, and confident that MDP will take care of their needs whether it is in day to day accounting, taxes, audits or payrolls. Michael D. Peroo’s twenty-eight years of experience in his field has helped him develop a unique style in accounting. He wants to help you as an individual or as a business owner and also assist struggling business owners. Here at MPD we are devoted to teaching and inspiring business owners. One of the many reasons that MDP offers such intense services to the clients is because of the rigorous training that each member of the staff receives. Michael and the staff are constantly in the field with clients or in the office meeting with clients. To contact our offices please email or call one of our staff members.

Client Statements

Gene Gates/Bee Right Roofing:

MDP has provided exceptional financial, tax and consulting services to me for my personal needs and my business requirements. His staff takes care of my payroll, taxes, invoices and mail for my business; they take care of all of this with integrity and accuracy.

Timely Opportunity

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