Tong Santee

Accounting Associate

Tong is the accounting associate in the Atchison office. She was born in 1971 in China where she received an associate’s degree in Accounting from Qinhai College. After graduation Tong went to work for the Bank of China keeping accounts.

In 1996 Tong went to stay with her Sister in Shanghai China. That is where she met her future husband, an American working in China, and she stayed there with him.

Tong came with him to the United States in 1999, and earned her United States citizenship in 2001. In 2005 she graduated from UMKC, and then moved with her husband to Atchison, where she became employed by the firm.

All of her free time is spent doting on her two dogs, Gaogu, a Lab mix, and Mei Mei, a Papillion Terrier.

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